Burglar Alarms

One of the best decisions you can take for your family and home safety is to install a security system. A recent survey shows that more than 80% of burglars are deterred by the visible house alarm systems and CCTV devices. At The Lockman, we can advise and install a state of the art security system that can protect your home and belongings.

Our skilled technicians can show you different types of intruder alarms that is suitable for your home & budget.

Home Alarm Systems

Apart from the traditional window & door locks we provide a comprehensive range of house alarms at competitive prices. We offer the following:

  • Video Monitoring Alarms
  • Wired Alarms
  • Wireless Alarms
  • Motion Detectors Alarms
  • Sirens
  • Dummy Alarms
  • Intercom Systems
Burglar Alarms - The Lockman

We also offer burglar alarms maintenance and repair services. Whether you are enquiring about a burglar alarm security system for a domestic or commercial premises, at The Lockman we can offer quality wireless and hardwired alarms at unbeatable prices.

If interested in one of the above services please give The Lockman a call on 085 101 4766 or fill up the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Do you want to feel safe & secure? Choose House Alarms from The Lockman, your burglar alarms specialist.

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