Locksmith Facts

Doors can be opened within seconds by an burglar. THE LOCKMAN can advise you of the best protection to suit, your budget, and insurance company requirements. The Lock Man will provide a host of other emergency locksmith services as well. Call The Lockman in Dublin now on 085 101 4766.

External Doors

All outside doors should be fitted with quality 5 lever locks they provide the best protection against any type of forced entry. Mortise and sash locks provide the best protection against all forms of forced entry.

Sliding Patio Doors

Patio Doors are a favorite point of entry for burglars and prove to be the ideal escape route for the removal of your possessions, To stop this happening, the opening section of sliding patio doors can be secured with patio door bolts at the top and bottom. Our Team are professionals and can easily help you with this.

Back/Side Doors

The Lock Man  can advise you whether your doors and frames will carry them. Or if your door needs to be replaced by a stronger door. For example, some mortise security bolts can be fitted at the top and bottom of the door and can only be operated from the inside. So, take advice from The Lock man any time, as we are available 24 hours a day!

Door Viewers/Security Chains

There are other ways to improve the security of your external doors at little extra cost, having security chains or similar types of door restrainers fitted – this all helps to stop the “foot-in-the-door” attack.

You can also identify your visitor before opening the door by having a door viewer installed.

Having Windows Secured

A high rate of all break-ins are through windows at ground level.

Burglars find them an easy way to get in, e.g. by tripping the catch from the outside with a knife blade, or by removing enough glass to reach the window catch.

All accessible windows should be fitted with key-operated window locks.

While ground floor windows are the most commonly used for entry, windows on upper floors accessible from flat roofs or drainpipes should not be left out.
There are a wide range of Locks to choose from for all types of window frames.

The Lock Man can advise on the most suitable locks to suit your needs. Therefore, get in touch with The lock Man in Dublin now!

Checking Your Premises Security

Call the Lock Man local to give you an assessment of your premises and outline the best ways to improve your all round security and comply with insurance company requirements. For any lock repair, or intruder alarm information, Call The Lock Man right away!

For 24-hour emergency locksmith service, we are always there for your help! Call – 085 101 4766

Our Services Include:

  • Yale locks / Union locks
  • Aluminum & patio door locks
  • Door & window locks
  • Shutter Locks
  • Digital & push button locks
  • 5 lever deadlocks fitted to insurance standards
  • Door closers
  • Floor & wall safes supplied and fitted
  • Ram bars supplied and fitted
  • Keys cut to code or copy
  • Window restrictors
  • Garrison security cylinders